Lab Members

Dr. Brian McAdoo
Principal Investigator, Associate Professor of Earth and Climate Science

Ph.D. candidate in
Earth & Climate Science

Elise Paietta
Ph.D. candidate in

Rachael Lau
Ph.D. candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ryan Parks
Ph.D. Candidate in
Earth & Climate Sciences

Joanna Nowakowska
Master of Risk Engineering and Environment & Population Health

Trailokaya Raj Bajgain
Bachelor of Science in
Data Science

Abhishek Karna
Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics

Amy Buckalew
BS in Statistics & Computer Science

Saphal Joshi
Bachelors of Science in Computer Science


Pooja Singh
Master of Sciences
Global Health

Ishani Palandurkar
Master’s in Environmental Economics and Policy

Brea Baker portrait

Brea Baker
Bachelor of Arts in
Political Science

Daniela Rubio Chavez
Bachelor of Science in Earth & Climate Sciences

Alumni Members

Ahmad Almakky portrait

Ahmad Almakky
Master of Environmental Management Environmental Policy & Conservation

Fiorella Orozco head shot

Fiorella Orozco
Undergraduate student
Biology & Global Health

purple tinted photo of tree in lake in New Zealand

Hillary Hsu
Undergraduate student
Environmental Sciences