Every year, countless people die unnecessarily from natural disasters. Natural is highlighted because the PlanetLab is concerned with the suffering that accompanies events driven by atmospheric, hydrospheric and lithospheric hazards in the Earth system that would occur with or without human intervention. Our goal is to reduce the loss of life and property associated with disasters. Central to this goal is understanding how human decision making directly impacts the systems that keep us alive – this is the premise of Planetary Health, the framework upon which we build our work.

– Our Vision –

By exploring the interaction between Earth and human systems, we strive to eliminate loss of life caused by atmospheric, hydrologic, and tectonic hazards.


The common thread across our projects is how humans impact landscapes that in turn affect their ability to survive in the face of disaster.


Our research examines how disasters expose vulnerable systems and how communities exhibit resilience in the aftermath of an impact. 


PlanetLab takes pride in being trans-disciplinary. With our shared values as a guide, we thrive on new ideas, passion and hard work.