Trailokaya Raj Bajgain

Dual Degree Undergraduate
BS in Data Science, Duke Kunshan University
BS in Interdisplinary Studies, Duke University

In PlanetLab, Trailokaya serves as a Research Assistant: Data Analyst, where he leads the air quality through PM2.5 analysis. This research aims to understand the transboundary air pollution trends between the Gangetic plains and the Tibetan plateau along Nepal’s elevation gradient. His responsibilities include the design of software and Python scripts for data extraction from partner sensors, data management, and comprehensive data analysis. Techniques such as back trajectory analysis and the use of peak shaving with network sensors are employed to distinguish between hyper-local and non-hyperlocal pollution data sources. Trailokaya’s work primarily centers on Environmental Data Science, particularly in the domains of pollution and air quality modeling.

Outside of PlanetLab, Trailokaya is working for the Bergin Research Group at Pratt Civil and Environmental Engineering. In this capacity, he is involved in data analytics and management for the project focusing on air quality research in South Asia, titled, “Building Capacity to Improve Air Quality in South Asia: Reducing PM2.5 Through Low-Cost Sensor Network Driven Policy Decisions.” Trailokaya is also working closely with the Central Department of Environmental Science (CDES) at Tribhuwan University, where he provides capacity building and data analytics support for their air quality research. Additionally, he is engaged in an international research collaboration with Yale University and Tribhuwan University, delving into the intersection of environmental and planetary health. This research seeks to understand the correlation between air pollution and its impacts on cardiovascular health, particularly hypertension. In the long term, Trailokaya aspires to further build his expertise in Environmental Data science and is deeply invested in this interdisciplinary approach.